25 junho 2011

Les Fleurs du Mal

Les Fleurs Du Mal is a black and white rock band from the hardening social reality of Stockholm, Sweden.
Founded in 2009 It is a platform for musical, emotional and political expression as concieved and performed by Axel and August Grim.
On the 6th of May 2011 Les Fleurs du Mal: I, the debut EP, was released on Malicious Release, an artist owned label. Since its release the EP has received great reviews (see link on the right).
Work continues as the band is working on a full length album and planning future performerances.
Axel Grim
August Grim

Les Fleurs du Mal:1(EP)

01 Stay awake
02 A Long Day`s Journey
03 My funeral
04 Exclusion
05 Astray


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