23 novembro 2009

The Preachers Of Neverland - Biografia - Discografia

The Preachers Of Neverland foi uma banda Sueca de Gothic Rock fundada em 1990.
Tocavam o puro gothic rock de bandas como fields of the nephilim e sisters of mercy.
A Banda é composta por:
N. Vincent (guitarra e vocal) Nick Holmquist
P. Ashman (guitarra) Patrik "EPA" Akterhall
C. Deerman guitarra (baixo) Christer "Crille" Rylander
A. Swans (guitarra) Anders "Svesse" Svensson


01 Bleed For Me (Version) 4:46
02 Sermon Of Blood 6:11
03 Peine Forte Et Dure 5:56
04 Headaches (Brainquakes) 5:17


01 Everything Gone Grey 6:04
02 September Courtship 6:37
03 Damned if They... (Thespians) 6:48

The Artificial Paradise(1995)

01 The Stratagem (of Taciturn)
02 Enbalmada (The Trip)
03 Autoskopia
04 Damned if They Do
05 Thespians
06 Charger
07 Cyanide Euphoria
08 Peepshow Creepshow
09 Metamorphine
10 Spurn Sinista

3 comentários:

  1. Don't mean to cause a fuzz, but the members were actually as follows:
    N. Vincent (Guitars and vocals) alias Nick Holmquist
    P. Ashman (Guitars) alias Patrik "EPA" Akterhall
    C. Deerman (Bass guitars) alias Christer "Crille" Rylander
    A.Swans (Guitars) alias Anders "Svesse" Svensson
    Feel free to use this info and delete the message afterwards. I just felt it should be correct.

  2. Thanks for the info, thank you for correction, a mistake was mine, and welcome to the blog.

  3. Thank you very much for thanking, welcoming and correcting! Too bad this band is gone, they were really good. Found them on facebook though...
    Greetings from Sweden and
    Lindo trabalho (?)


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